Our new album S P A C E featuring unused Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon artwork by David A Hardy

"It's got the vibe of other acts who similarly have their heads in the cosmos, like the aforementioned Pink Floyd and The Flaming Lips at their most ethereal, but also in the mix is a bit of the Lynchian noir of, say, Timber Timbre." - The Needle Drop

"The last time I dropped acid was 20 years ago right before a Gene Loves Jezebel concert at the Roxy in Hollywood; upon reflection, and if time travel were possible, I much rather have dropped acid, stayed home and listed to SPACE" - plumjoe

"Songs feel akin to suites in a greater symphony while they soar into the heavens" - beachsloth

Solo Electronique 1984

An album of Martin Kennedy's (All India Radio) lo-fi electronic and synth experiments in the early 1980s featuring analog synths recorded on cassette tapes. 


Embryo Músico Vol 1 is the first in a series of collections of new works-in-progress, demo versions, remixes and the occasional archival outtake. 
Many of these tracks will appear in one form or another on a new A.I.R. album due in 2018.

Ten years ago I got together with Leona Gray to record Fall, All India Radio's first album with vocals. We always talked about a follow up album and in 2012 we began recording but it was never completed. Here for the first time are the results of those recording sessions five years ago.