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Check out Popmatters for a great article and the video premiere of Galaxy of Light from the new album The Slow Light. 

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Galaxy of Light is dear to my heart not the least for being my then twelve year old daughter’s first singing gig and video appearance, but it is also the embodiment of my love of science fiction (just wait until the last scene!) I made the video in a lo-fi way (because that’s all I know) with help from 1980s scifi artist Steve Dodd who allowed me to use his beautiful spacescapes, and Lance Gordon aka The Mad Alchemist, legendary San Francisco psychedelic light artist since the early 1970s, provided me with some custom psychedelic light work.

All India Radio Meets Pink Floyd's Roger Waters (Sort Of) 

Sorry I know that headline was a bit click bait-ish. But one of our t-shirts DID make it back stage to meet Roger Waters, Pink Floyd founder and one of my all time music heroes after his show with at the Newport Folk Festival a few days ago. Word is Roger had a good look at the T-shirt. Alas it's the closest I'll ever get!

If you want one of these t-shirts they are available here