The New Album

Our new album S P A C E is out now

"It's got the vibe of other acts who similarly have their heads in the cosmos, like the aforementioned Pink Floyd and The Flaming Lips at their most ethereal, but also in the mix is a bit of the Lynchian noir of, say, Timber Timbre." - The Needle Drop

"The last time I dropped acid was 20 years ago right before a Gene Loves Jezebel concert at the Roxy in Hollywood; upon reflection, and if time travel were possible, I much rather have dropped acid, stayed home and listed to SPACE" - plumjoe

"Songs feel akin to suites in a greater symphony while they soar into the heavens" - beachsloth

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New video for Heirs of Ineptune from our album SPACE
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Video by Nick Stevens


After 8 Years I Just Sold The Last Echo Other CD 

I just sold the last copies of Echo Other to my distributor, CDBaby. After pressing an admittedly overly ambitious quantity of them 8 years ago, they have finally gone! To celebrate having more space in the house I have randomly 'seeded' the last few copies with something special inside. I don't know where these copies will end up. The starting point is CDBaby, but they may end up on amazon or even your local music store if you order it through them (USA only).


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New SPACE tees! Order here


SPACE (2018)

The Haunted World (2016)


The Slow Light (2015)

Fall (2014 Remixes)

Red Shadow Landing (2012)

The Silent Surf (2010)

A Low High (2009)

These Winter Dreams (2008)

Piano and Ambience (with Josh Roydhouse)

Fall Expanded Edition (2008)

Echo Other Expanded Edition

Permanent Evolutions (2005)

All India Radio (2003)

002 (2001)

The Inevitable (1999)

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All india radio 2018 martin mark leona 1

Australia's All India Radio are an atmospheric downtempo outfit who have released a string of records that drift through trip-hop, ambient and post-rock with David Lynchian and science fiction vibes.

Indeed, band founder Martin Kennedy's love of science fiction has gained him over 80,000 followers across social media picking up notable followers such as Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips, musician Ryan Adams and film maker Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elisium).

All India Radio music has featured in film and television including CSI: Miami, One Tree Hill, 16 and Pregnant, The Lying Game, Emmerdale, Bondi Rescue and many more. Martin Kennedy has worked with The Church's Steve Kilbey, writer of 1980's classic Under The Milky Way.

The band have just released their new album S P A C E. The album artwork by veteran British artist David A Hardy was originally commissioned for Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon (35th Anniversary this year) but missed out to the famous prism art. David A Hardy says: "It would give me pleasure to see that image on a record after all these years."

The album features guests Steve Kilbey (The Church) and 'Evil' Graham Lee of legendary Australian band The Triffids and The KLF.

"The Slow Light may be just All India Radio at its finest" - John Garrett, Popmatters

"A tumbling spell of dreamlike evocations and cinematic glimpses .... These are the most sublime, mindful stupors I believe I’ve ever been in." - Stereoembers

"If David Gilmour recorded an instrumental album, it might sound as good as Echoes CD of the Month: All India Radio's The Slow Light." - John Diliberto, Echoes

"Ethereal, spacey...absolutely cinematic in scope" - Sarah Zupko, popmatters

"It’s dreamy, it’s hypnotic...I just know that I’ve gotta clean the house and The Slow Light will be on the cd player." -  Daggerzine
"All India Radio has once again crafted a master(mood)piece.. blended the soporific drop of down-tempo trip-hop with the drift of dreamgaze reveries and the shadowside of Western American noir"  - Jen Dan, Northern Transmissions
"I was blown away; it's wonderful to hear that there is still some beautiful chilltronica being made. Thanks for the stunning music, and expect The Slow Light to enter our regular chill rotation very soon" - Tone, 88.9 FM Hills Radio
"Cannot stop listening to ‘The Slow Light,’ is a lush, luxurious flow of moody and memorable music, and you will like how you feel when you hear it. Highly recommended." - Dave DiMartino, Music Aficionado

"Kennedy’s ability to craft lush sonic sound beds (“Blueshift”), down-tempo electronica (“Dark Star”) and melodic trip-hop (“Redshift”) place him miles ahead of post-rock stalwarts Mogwai and even Radiohead.. This is a no-brainer for fans of contemplative music with an underlying edge." Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 - Jon Dawson, Kingston Free Press.

"When are they going to figure out how to put this music in pill form? Prepare to be serenely exhilarated" - Dave Cantrell. Stereo Embers