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"If David Gilmour recorded an instrumental album, it might sound as good as Echoes CD of the Month: All India Radio's The Slow Light." - John Diliberto, Echoes on National Public Radio

New studio album SPACE 

Blending Pink Floyd's unused 1973 artwork, moodscapes of David Lynch and a narcotic sound that will float you in SPACE!

On the new album called SPACE, I am joined by long time collaborators Mark Wendt on bass and Leona Gray on guest vocals. Musically you’ll get the familiar slow melodies of our past albums, cinematic downtempo beats, David Lynch-esque mysteryscapes, science fiction moods and subtle nods to music heroes Pink Floyd, Jean Michael Jarre and Brian Eno. 

Speaking of Pink Floyd, we’re very…

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Solo Electronique 1984

Lo-fi electronic and synth experiments in the early 1980s featuring analog synths recorded on cassette tapes. 


The Slow Light (2015)

The Haunted World
The Haunted World is All India Radio's second entirely beatless ambient album 


Red Shadow Landing
"Red Shadow Landing has cyclical lines that will get lodged in your brain." - Popmatters

The Silent Surf
"Narcotic musical textures are capable of floating listeners to galaxies far, far away." - wired

Echo Other Expanded Edition
Includes 8 bonus tracks. Features 'Four Three' from CSI: Miami.


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